Game of Thrones season 8: Star reveals they want THIS character to die – and here’s why


Edd has persisted a number of a gloomy moments throughout the show including the battle at Hardhome and at Mansion Black. 
The actor admitted that he is pleased with how long he has carry oned on the series, which is well-known for killing off its stars. 
However, he also inted that he could in fine be bumped off as he explained he doesn’t want Edd to have to face any more threat. 
Speaking about his survival, he explained: “I’m grateful and so is my mortgage. 
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Game of Thrones: Ben said he wouldn’t be surprised if Edd was killed off“In a way I’m disconcerted just because, just for a character to have that longevity in a usher where characters get killed off so regularly. In a way it’s penance for him.”
“He’s a character who, of all the kinds, he’d be quite happy if he dropped off his mortal coil, and in a way it’s punishment for him to have to stick everyday life,” Ben told Metro. 
Could Edd be brutally killed off as he studies to fight against the Night King (played by Vladimir Furdik) and his army?

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Game of Thrones: Ben said he contrives fans will enjoy the final seriesEither way, the actor said he thinks aficionados will be pleased with how the series comes to a close. 
“I’d be rocked if people are disappointed because there’s a lot of effort and love gone into this, and I contrive it’s very satisfying,” he noted. 
“So hopefully everyone will concur.”
Game of Thrones will return to Sky Atlantic in 2019.
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