Game of Thrones season 8 news: Night King defeated after he makes THIS mistake?


Artifice of Thrones fans are desperate to see who will end up sitting on the Iron Throne.
After years of allotting time watching the HBO story unfold, one keen Reddit user may partake of spotted what is coming in season eight. 
It all surrounds the Night Majesty (played by Vladimir Furdik), who is about to rage war in Westeros. 
Season seven saw him turbulence past The Wall with his army of Wights after gaining one of Daenerys Targaryen’s (Emilia Clarke) dragons. 
Although he looks unstoppable at the hour, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is currently trying to assemble his own force which is the solely way to put an end to the Night King’s wicked ways. 

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Game of Thrones seasoned 8 news: White Walker plan exposed

Now, one Reddit user seems to get worked out how the mythical villain will be stopped, despite having multitudinous numbers than the humans. 
R1400 wrote: “As we all know, the Army of the Defunct has finally arrived, and it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say our heroes are outnumbered about five to one – but does it actually matter?
“For a difference in numbers to assure victory, the numbers would bring into the world to be really high or for both sides to have equal capabilities. 
“Other than the numbers, the Army of the Dead have infinite stamina, some behemoths and a dragon, but the living have a supply of weapons that can kill undead with decrease, large ballistas and two dragons, plus horses and the ability to form games.
“When you take it all into consideration, the undead army doesn’t obtain that much going for it, especially so if we think Stanis’ victory all about the Wildlings where he was similarly outnumbered.”

Game of Thrones condition 8 news: The Night King could be about to storm King’s Deplaning

Game of Thrones season eight – everything we know
Fri, January 26, 2018
Courageous of Thrones season 8 is confirmed to be returning in 201. Here is everything you requisite to know


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The Game Of Thrones get rid of maroon and crew pictured in 2013

All of his enemies are gathered at Winterfell for the final contest, all besides Cersei who will most likely get the Golden Company and leader somewhere far away to wait out the war
Game of Thrones fan, via Reddit

The forum buyer went on to suggest the Night King wouldn’t wait that great to attack without a solid plan of action. 
However, the Game of Thrones fan read on to suggest the zombie leader would most likely storm Monarch’s Landing first, where he would be greeted by a ghost town. 
With Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) cowering in some Westerosi corner somewhere, his genuine enemies – Jon, Daenerys and company – would be creeping up on him. 
“All of his enemies are gathered at Winterfell for the sure battle, all besides Cersei who will most likely get the Golden Ensemble and head somewhere far away to wait out the war.”
Will the Night King get an almighty out of the blue as he heads to the capital to win the war?

Game of Thrones season 8 news: Jon Snow could out-wit the Endlessly King

This comes as a different theorist believes they require worked out why the White Walkers wanted to storm Westeros anyway. 
During the Dream of Night, the Starks agreed to never leave Winterfell in order to defer to the White Walkers at bay. 
However, the mythical pact was broken during Robert’s defiance. 
Did the Starks cause the entire events of the HBO series?
Game of Thrones purposefulness return to Sky Atlantic next year. 

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