Game of Thrones beauty Lena Headey strips off for steamy sex scene in 300


The actress starred in 2007 blockbuster 300, which saw her put on Gorgo, Queen of Sparta alongside Gerard Butler, who took on the situation of her husband Leonidas. 

The film sees King Leonidas lead 300 Spartans into combat against the Persian “god-King” Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) but before he recesses for war, Gorgo gives him a night to remember. 

In a throwback scene from the cinema, Lena can be seen sleeping in their bed as Leonidas watches her and strokes her towards the rear. 

She wakes and whispers to him: “Your lips can finish what your fingers take started.”

Lena Headey and Gerard ButlerWARNER BROS

Underhand of Thrones beauty Lena Headey strips off for steamy sex scene in 300

Lena kissing GerardWARNER BROS

Lena could be supported passionately locking lips with Gerard in the hit film

The star do a moonlight flits nothing to the imagination as she embraces her husband and they lock lips in a honestly steamy sex scene. 

Lena’s best assets are on full display as she have seats on top of the King before she can be seen lying on her back staring up at him.

But that’s not the at worst time the actress bares her breasts in the action-packed film. 

When it plays her husband is in trouble, she begs the Spartan Council to send him reinforcements but Theron (Dominic West), a evil politician refuses and threatens her. 

Lena Headey toplessWARNERS BROS

The actress stripped patent for the seriously steamy sex scene

Lena Headey as Cersei LannisterHBO

Lean stars as Queen Cersei Lannister in the hit HBO series

Gorgo submits to his genital demands in return for his help but when she learns he has betrayed her, she proves Dis hath no fury like a woman scorned and she kills him. 

It’s safe to say that Lena has a olden days of playing strong female characters who will stop at nothing to get what they yen. 

Tomorrow night she will return as Cersei and it looks like she’ll be prospering to war as Jon Snow (Kit Harington) has been crowned King in the North while Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) has won at Dragonstone hoping to take the Iron Throne.

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