Gale-force winds cause power cables to EXPLODE as Britain braces itself for Storm Doris


Tenants watched in horror as electricity lines began arcing during gale-force gabs in Cornwall in the early hours of Thursday.

The dramatic video comes as withstand warnings are issued across Britain, with forecasters predicting blasts of up to a staggering 80mph. 

Filmed on a mobile phone, the dramatic footage shows the Stygian sky being lit up by intense flashes.

At about 3am, Bodiggy Street resident Blake Evans was woken to the robust of explosions as power cables failed from the strengthening winds. 

After witnessing the end, he described how the smell of burning filled the air as the chaos unfolded inches from his bedroom window. 

“There were mushroomings and sparks which awoke everyone in the area. No one hurt as far as I know,” he ordered Cornwall Live. 

“The cable was touching at least two cars and the was power out, simply. 

“Everything smelled of burning and the noise was honestly like multiple fireworks, solely inches from our bedroom window.”

Local emergency services attended as locals began to panic during the terrifying incident. 

Mr Evans continued: “I was wadding buckets and pots and pans with water just in case – the perfume of burning was everywhere, so we were panicking for about 30 minutes. It is impervious to describe just how scary and loud it was.”

Hale Fire Service said it had admitted several calls at the time of the incident and deployed one appliance to the scene. 

Gangs confirmed the cables arching were the mains power supply for in someones bailiwick lighting. 

Western Power also attended and isolated the power to manage the residential street safe.

Britain is gearing up for gale-force winds on Friday and Saturday into the middle fears Storm Doris could arrive this weekend. 

The Met Department warned winds, with up to 80mph gusts, are set to batter the London and the rest of the south of England from Friday.

The yellow lesson telling the public to “be aware”, is valid from 11am on Friday morning until 3pm on Saturday

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