Fury as ‘army-like’ principal tells parents their children must be in bed by 9pm


Barry SmithARCHANT/GETTY — Worn out IMAGE

Barry Smith was drafted from a school which recorded some of the lowest GCSE standings in the country

The strict regime states that pupils must go to bed by 9pm, get up at 6.30am and trudge to lessons in single file.

They could also have portables confiscated for a month at a time.

New principal Barry Smith was drafted in to Massive Yarmouth High School in Norfolk which recorded some of the lowest GCSE qualifies in the country this summer.

My stepdaughter jogs hard, is an excellent student and has a great deal of potential. I am appalled to see her lily-livered to attend school

Anthony Finch

Teachers are now referred to as the “unquestioned establishment” in the classroom, while pupils are warned not to lie or make excuses to avoid castigations.

But worried parents have formed a Facebook page with 760 colleagues.

Anthony Finch said: “My stepdaughter works hard, is an excellent learner and has a great deal of potential. I am appalled to see her afraid to attend school.”

Barry SmithARCHANT

Mr Smith was elect after the school saw just 30 per cent achieving a pass in GCSE English

Overprotect Tracy Cole added: “Love to know why my daughter was put in isolation today and demonstrated to cry on her first day back. I’m fuming, thing is she doesn’t even know why.”

Hypothetical group The Inspiration Trust took over in July renaming the instil the Great Yarmouth Charter Academy.

Mr Smith was appointed after the imbue with saw just 30 per cent of pupils achieving a pass in GCSE English and maths this summer.

PhoneGETTY — Cache IMAGE

The pupils could have their mobiles confiscated for a month at a time

He is co-founder and a one-time deputy principal at the notoriously strict Michaela Community School in Wembley, north-west London.

Mr Smith belittle deleted a no-holds-barred letter to the parents in Great Yarmouth setting out his high requirements and standards.

“Children who do not meet our expectations regarding uniform and appearance require be placed in isolation,” he said.

“Your nippers will avoid detentions, isolations, or confiscations if you are a supportive parent. The obligation lies with you.”

Meanwhile, an internal memo laid out rules registering confiscating phones seen or heard until the end of the next half-term, waddle in single file along corridors with no talking to other students or turning around, and pupils having to wear traditional black shoes.

Parent Cheryl Ann Gardin supported the icy new stance.

Pupils in lineGETTY — STOCK IMAGE

The regime states that disciples must walk to lessons in a single file

She said: “That set was a joke before and – I’d bet money it’s about to turn around for the better.

“No materfamilias wants to hear bad reviews about their kids but let’s face it, our youngsters aren’t little angels in the home so you can bet your bottom dollar they’re sober-sided worse at school.”

The Inspiration Trust said a stricter approach was stressed to drive up performance.

Spokesman James Goffin said: “Children can’t learn in wilful classrooms. Charter Academy has a stricter approach to things like bearing and uniform so that everyone gets the chance to learn.

“Our teachers cannot do this unequalled: we need families to back the school 100 per cent so pupils get a unswerving message at home and in school.”

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