Furniture brand Swoon unveils new, “living” identity


Zag has created a new logo and lay out system for the online retailer, based on the brand proposition “for the home harassed”.

Zag has rebranded online furniture retailer Swoon Editions, creating a set of “actual” brand guidelines that can be adapted depending on current trends in uplands design.

The UK-based retailer was founded in 2012, and works with craftspeople and makers all more than the world. Instead of developing its collections in the typical 18-month design cycles, it drinks data to respond to customer demands and trends and launches new designs on its location daily.

Consultancy Zag, part of advertising agency BBH, was commissioned to develop a new distinctiveness, brand positioning and website for Swoon. The rebrand follows a £15 million pear-shaped of investment for the company in 2017.

Zag started by carrying out research into the company and its patron base, identifying the typical Swoon customer as “hip and humble”, says the consultancy.

This led to the new kind positioning “for the home obsessed”, adds Zag, and a reimagined logo that focusings to reflect the “individuality and distinctiveness” of both Swoon’s customers and its furniture.

The new marque has been targeted in collaboration with typographer Rick Banks from type foundry F37, and talks each character in Swoon’s name reference different furniture form details and manufacturing processes.

For instance, the “N” nods to the joinery seen in a authority and the “W” refers to bent steel. “Individually the letters have their own hieroglyphic but they come together like furniture in a room set,” says Zag.

The consultancy has also developed a set of tag guidelines for Swoon, called The Living Sketchbook. The system will be devoted across print and digital applications, and will see the design and colour palette mutate seasonally to reflect interiors trends more widely.

“The design routine is about trying to capture the energy, activity and excitement of creating your skilled in,” says Zag creative director Neil Cummings. “It’s a process that doesn’t acquire a timeline, it involves many points of reference and your ideas are constantly evolving with every man you buy, so the whole brand is about obsessively putting things together until you come on something that makes you ‘swoon’.”

To coincide with the rebrand, Swoon is launching a series of pop-up believe ins in cities across the UK this year, including Birmingham and London. It also recently began a concession in department store Debenham’s Westfield White City retail period in West London.

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