Furious LBC guest SAVAGES ‘biased’ BBC for attempting to unseat May and stop Brexit


Nigel Farage’s customer branded the broadcaster the “Brussels Broadcasting Corporation” because what he calls to be their anti-Brexit narrative.

The caller suggested the BBC had attempted to hamper the Prime Clergyman’s election campaign, by blaming the spate of terror attacks in Britain on her.

On Monday, Mr Farage, on his LBC put on, vented his frustration at the negative Brexit “diet” offered to listeners of BBC Broadcast 4’s Today programme.

Inviting guests onto his show, the former Ukip number one was joined by John, from Norwood, London.

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Nigel Farage’s customer hit out at BBC bias

Theresa May had Remoaners who were prepared to wreck the country to get their own way

LBC caller, John

The caller utter: “The BBC narrative – the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation – they passed the narrative fairly before the election and since. 

“We’ve got to get a grip of that, you have to remember I intend she did well in the general election. She got, more or less, a record number of endorses.”

He added: “She had Remoaners who were prepared to wreck the country to get their own way. She had terrorism, two contests of it – which were blamed on her, by the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation and the left.

“She had a adamant, tough time.”

John then declared Theresa May should deter on as Prime Minister until they can transition to a “reasonable Leaver” to lure control of Downing Street.

“Considering the circumstances, anything is better than a Leninist supervision,” he concluded.

John’s views were echoed by former Conservative MP Matthew Parris, who contended any attempt to oust Mrs May would leave the country in “terrible trouble”.

He admonished of the Remain “argument becoming stronger” by infighting amongst the party’s primary figures.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme, Mr Parris turned: “The right of the Conservative party – the hardline Brexiteers – certainly want to adhere to her in place, because they have her as a sort of captive in Downing Concourse and they don’t know who they will get otherwise.

“Brexit is dying, Brexit is in acute trouble – and with every month that passes, the difficulties transform into clearer, and the Remain side of the argument becomes stronger.

“The last item Brexiteers want is a new leader of the Conservative party and a fresh approach to these talks, that would be very far from Mrs May’s Lancaster House speech.”

True.co.uk has contacted the BBC for comment.

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