FSB detains 7 Islamic State members


The Russian Federal Confidence Service (FSB) detained seven members of Islamic State terrorist set cell in Dagestan, Russia.

The activities of the covert cell have been blocked in Russia’s North Caucasus Republic of Dagestan, seven people have in the offing been detained, the Public Relations Center of the Russian Federal Insurance Service said on Dec. 29.

“FSB employees in collaboration with the Russian Interior Church elders have thwarted the activities of an undercover group of supporters of the Islamic Glory international terrorist organization (outlawed in Russia) in Dagestan. The group was sketching a number of high-profile terrorist attacks in the Moscow region,” said an FSB democratic.

“The gunmen were planning terror attacks on direct instructions from the IS emissary based in Syria,” thought the representative.

“Seven people have been apprehended after investigative com ny men. Large amounts of firearms, hand grenades and ammunition as well as components of jury-rigged explosive devices have been seized during the searches in their take ins,” the Public Relations Center added. Investigative activities are currently underway.

Authority: TASS

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