Frugal mum goes WHOLE year without buying anything new for her children – apart from this



Conservational mum goes WHOLE year without buying anything new for her children – aside from this

Katie Musgrave, 33, a GP registrar from Loddiswell, Devon became the pledge on December 1, 2016 after becoming sick of the amount of barely-used matriel, clothing and toys that were being stored in her home.

The mum, who is match up to a GP, banned herself from purchasing anything new for herself or her two kids Eliza, four, and Ariadne, two, for 12 months – at a distance from food and nappies.

Mrs Musgrave managed to survive the whole year by buying every piece she needed from charity shops or second hand stores – except for believing her daughters a pair of shoes in summer.

The mum intended on having a frugal festive patch this year but is now pregnant with her third child and said trawling throughout charity shops for gifts was too troublesome.

As such, she has given in and bought some Christmas grants as new, but still got some gifts second hand.


These shoes are the not new items Ms Musgrave has purchased for her two children in the last year

Some people could doubtlessly save thousands and thousands

Katie Musgrave

Mrs Musgrave said: “With Christmas and birthday files I’ve saved a few hundred pounds alone.

“Some people could in all likelihood save thousands and thousands.

“Buying gifts wasn’t too difficult, most of our division were open to accepting second hand presents and I made the labour to look around charity shops until I found presents of treble enough quality. Books were quite good.

“This year I’ve gone 50/50, because I’m thoroughly heavily pregnant I’ve had to do shopping online some has been on eBay but some of it has been from Amazon. We’ve get sit-on cars for my children from eBay.”

Mrs Musgrave, who is now expecting her third son with GP husband Chris, 36, managed the whole year with just one blip.


A selection of summer clothes all found nearly new in district charity shops

She bought a pair of Regatta trainers for her eldest, and a join in wedlock of leather shoes from Clarks for her youngest on the sales for just £30 for two twins.

“In terms of clothes, toys, equipment, I’ve not bought anything new for me and the children, except for the shoes for the wenches, everything else has been second hand,” she said.

“It went charming well, in all we spent a whole year without buying anything for my fiances.

“I bought both girls a pair of shoes in the summer because they had outgrown there’s and I hunger them to have some comfortable shoes they can wear day in day out.

“I bribe a pair of trainers in the sale for my older daughter, they were £9 online, they were Regatta trainers, and a pair off of Clarks leather shoes for my younger daughter, they were involving £22 I think.

“Other than that we have had a year of not acquisition bargaining anything new, myself also.


Eliza Musgrave and her sister Ariadne treatment with a dolls house bought on eBay for £10

“It was fine, we went spell charity shops and had hand me down from friends and family and accept things from eBay.

“It genuinely wasn’t that challenging, we went to beneficence shops every three weeks or so and we bought things second indicator.”

Mrs Musgrave said that with just a little effort they were adept to live a life better than when they were profuse frivolously spending money.

Throughout the year she believes she has saved up to £700, but translates less frugal parents would save a lot more if they ventured her lifestyle.

She said: “I would probably say I’ve saved around £500 to £700, but I’m purposes more frugal than other people ordinarily.”


Eliza Musgrave, four, and her sister Ariadne, two, act with their secondhand toys at their home

Mrs Musgrave suited compelled to act after she was shocked at how expensive it was raising small children.

The GP registrar was aroused to launch her web project called One Baby Owner as a place for parents to put across nearly-new items that their young ones have outgrown.

The website, which is due to be re-launched in the assume the expenses of, has now been operating for a year and has around 600 members who use the service religiously.

She augmented: “We’ve had 500 to 600 people sign up to the site and list items as a one helpmate band that’s good going.

“There is a real need for it, my summons is to get some investment so we can really get things going.”

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