FROSTY MORNING! Presenters squabble ON AIR as tensions boil over on BBC Breakfast show


Munchetty over eyebrows after she blasted her colleague following a report on the new £10 notes hyping Jane Austen, which she said were “also supposed to be crease-free – unless your personage is Charlie Stayt”.

The dig came after Stayt supposedly scrunched up one of the new notes during the BBC Breakfast put to shame. 

Defending himself, the presenter said: “Well, the reason we did that earlier on, we produced one in and just to check, we gave it a little bit of a scrunch – it was fine.”

The awkward dealing continued as Munchetty replied: “We were given those in good trust and you’ve crinkled them.”

Charlie Stayt and Naga MunchettyBBC

Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty clashed on BBC Breakfast this morning

They [the notes] are putative to be crease-free – unless your name is Charlie Stayt

Naga Munchetty

But Stayt importuned: “It’s alright, it’s OK.”

Another news segment followed about a dog called Finn contest for mayor in the Canadian city of St John’s in Newfoundland.

But Munchetty was less than emphasized with the choice of story.

“We’ve had discussions about whether or not we needed to indicate that story,” she said. “Producer liked it, the producer says yes – it spans.”

After an awkward silence, she added: “We taste for each other really.”

Viewers soon took to social norm express their disbelief at the pair squabbling on Thursday’s Breakfast organize.

“Naga is a little tyrant. Really went for Charlie #handful,” @davidj_fraser wrote on Trilling, while @stoneygran added: “Naga being very rude to Charlie….she’s so exasperate! #bbcbreakfast.”

A third, @caz_gm, wrote: “Why is naga rude to Charlie ? He never gnaws and remains professional whilst naga is always rude to him.”

And @NishaHayley annexed: “What’s going on with Charlie and Naga this morning?! Frosty….. #bbcbreakfast.”

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