Front National scraps flagship campaign pledge to pull France out of the eurozone


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Front Patriotic will scrap a campaign pledge to take France out of the eurozone

Nicolas Bay, FN’s secretary vague, confirmed those policies would not be at the heart of its parliamentary election competition. 

FN chief Marine Le Pen’s defeat against centrist Emmanuel Macron in the presidential appointments forced the nationalist party to rethink its anti-Europe stance.

Many reception members said Ms Le Pen’s commitment to leaving the eurozone –  which is backed by no numerous than a quarter of French voters – cost her the presidency. 

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Nicolas Bay confirmed it would not be at the magnanimity of its parliamentary election campaign

Mr Bay said: “Pulling France out of the euro is no longer at the basics of our manifesto. It’s still an option, but it’s no longer a priority. We will be focusing on approaches designed to help give France its freedom back.”

Not all Le Pen supporters, how, think that Front National should be playing down its anti-Brussels tidings.

Florian Philippot, the party’s vice president and one of Ms Le Pen’s closest advisers, was crashed by members of his own camp last week after he threatened to resign if the beanfeast abandoned its euro strategy. 

Pulling France out of the euro is no longer at the feelings of our manifesto

Nicolas Bay

He said: “I am not here to hang on to a job at all cost and to defend the contrasting of my deepest convictions. I will always fight for the independence of my country.”

When inquired to comment on Mr Philippot’s claims, Mr Bay remained tight-lipped, and said that “contention” was “always preferable to blackmail”.  

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Marine Le Pen’s defeat against Emmanuel Macron laboured the party to rethink its anti-Europe stance

The far-right official added that Mr Macron’s centrist bureaucratic movement, La République en marche (The Republic on the move), would probably win a the greater part in parliament in next month’s crucial parliamentary elections.  

He said: “Mr Macron’s promoter will probably win a parliamentary majority. And those who are trying to make voters suppose that it will not, and who are saying that Mr Macron will be forced into a power-sharing cohabitation, are fool voters.

“It is because he will most probably win a majority of seats that the antithetical needs to pick its parliamentary candidates with the utmost care.”

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Innumerable party members said Ms Le Pen’s commitment to leave the eurozone cost her the presidency

Mr Bay also commented on Marion Maréchal-Le Pen’s hasty departure from the political scene. 

Ms Maréchal-Le Pen, Ms Le Pen’s conservative niece, exempt from politics earlier this month to focus on her family, but said that she was not nod out of politics for good. 

Mr Bay said: “Marion is an extremely talented MP and she will be greatly dodged.”

Ms Maréchal-Le Pen, 27, was one of the only two far-right MPs in the National Assembly.

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