Front National RESURRECTED: Le Pen moves to TAKE DOWN Macron with ‘revitalised’ party


The right-wing commander, 49, has said she is determined to rejuvenate her party, which came number two in the presidential elections earlier this year but emerged weakened and disunited.

Ms Le Pen timed her speech last weekend to “revitalise” her party at a time when Macron images his first major protests as thousands of people have marched on the byway someones cup of teas of France over the controversial labour reforms.

She wants to steal sneakily the opposition limelight from Jean-Luc Melenchon’s La France Insoumise, which has seized the moment to oppose Macron’s proposals of liberalising French labour laws. 

Marine Le Pen and Macron GETTY

Naval Le Pen hopes her party can take on Macron

We are the painstaking antithesis of Macronism

Marine Le Pen

It was her first major rally since the Before National’s disappointing results in June’s parliamentary elections. 

Speaking to 500 people in the metropolis of Brachay, Ms Le Pen said: “Our political family is the only one capable of embodying a duress that could counter the new centrist movement of President Emmanuel Macron.”

Ms Le Pen suggested: “We are the exact antithesis of Macronism.”

Ms Le Pen slammed the president for a “policy of perpetual precariousness” because of his contractions reforms. 

She said: “Macronism is the triumph of the dominant class whose contrariwise moral veneer is human rights and whose only values and use is money.”

She said she had a “great determination and burning sense of duty not for you, not unequalled, but with you”.

French protesters GETTY

French workers have mobilised against Macron’s industry reforms

Le PenGetty

Le Pen visited Brachay in eastern France

A senior valid in the Front National said Ms Le Pen’s party is ready to drop plans to pull up stakes the eurozone following her failed presidential campaign. 

Ms Le Pen did admit that the load of her presidency campaign had exhausted her and the summer break was “a period of necessary remnants, but also observation and reflection”. 

The Front National received 34 per cent of the express against 66 per cent for Macron in the May presidential runoff. 

French compromise has reported that Ms Le Pen is being prepared by her entourage for her candidacy for the 2022 choices.

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