From Dad bod to Dad God — one man’s journey to lose three stone and gain a six pack


A 40 year-old dad from Sheffield has challenged the advance of middle age by achieving his dream body, in a bid to avoid being undergone as the ‘fat dad in the playground’.

Simon Shering, an IT manager, had always been in fairly right shape for his age but a two-year stint working in Bermuda, where he regularly ate out with his dearest, led to him becoming heavier than he had ever been before and provoked spectres that he would stand out for being one of the larger parents on the school run.

He suggested: “I was in very good shape when I was younger and stayed active after I go to slept from a good standard of swimming aged 23. Over the years albeit I started to gain weight and I lost the structure from my gym sessions.

“As youths came along and we moved to Bermuda for two years, I put on a lot of weight. My gym work suffered and we set ourselves eating out a lot which led to me weighing in at just under 16 stone.”

Simon perceive b complete an effort to lose weight when he returned with his family to the UK but a few of different approaches didn’t bring about the desired results.

Simon was too fat and was miserable

“I dropped to 14st 4lbs just before a holiday with my missus to Barbados but was still carrying too much body fat and didn’t have the meaning I was looking for.

“I had tried various things such as juicing but that make it c fulfiled me feel awful – I suffered from tiredness, migraines and hunger and de facto didn’t enjoy it.”

In his search for more structured workouts and a healthier nutritional formula, Simon found online fitness company LDN Muscle, who provide downloadable training examples.

Simon worked hard for weight loss

Following the LDN Muscle Acrimonious Guide soon began producing the changes Simon wished to stir.

He said: “I was never really confident in my body and have always dreamed of that ever-elusive six-pack.

«Spot the results from the training programmes and using a couple of their workouts, I consideration I’d start following the Cutting Guide.

“I wanted to change the way I looked and for child to be able to say, ‘Wow, he looks great’. I never wanted to become the overweight dad in the playground and scantiness to get in really good shape for my wife.”

Simon shows off weight disappointment

As well as a more balanced training plan, Simon spoke his diet which included something of an addiction to tomato ketchup, whilst also joining in either an extra meal or a snack.

Sugary lashings of ketchup were repaid by the low fat version and snacks like biscuits were thrown out in favour of protein-high batches of beef jerky.

He said: “I’m actually eating more since I’ve started dissipating weight but my diet isn’t vastly different and I’m still able to enjoy the foods I get pleasure from. I’m also eating more healthy carbs and have introduced a lot sundry protein to my diet.”

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