Frisky farmer told women: “You have lovely breasts”

Friday 26th February 2016
Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford

Meath agriculturist Kevin Ford has been embroiled in a bizarre breast-appreciation case and forecast the Sunday World he will fight to prove his innocence.

Farmer Ford was handed a deferred prison sentence this week after offering unsolicited commendations to a young mother by telling her that she had lovely breasts.

Despite not drum out of the corps a hand on the woman, he was found guilty of threatening and abusive behaviour.

The court ascertained how the woman was out walking with her little two-year-old son in the scenic area of the Breastworks in Navan last August when the incident took place.

The mper described how she became suspicious after spotting Ford sitting in a jeep as she walked into the car garden of the Ram rts – a popular walking area in the local community.

“He was trying to get my limelight, but I ignored him,” the flustered woman told the court.

The farmer made his booby screw-up moments later after the ir encountered each other.

When they lurched across each other, the woman said Ford told her:

“Hello, you father a lovely ir of breasts.

“There is no harm in telling you, you have a captivating ir of breasts.”

Ford’s raunchy remarks didn’t go down understandably and the woman told him to “get the hell away from me”.

However, Ford told the think the woman “started roaring at me and calling me a edophile”.

“I don’t know why she reacted want that. I said nothing wrong to her. There is no way I said that to her,” the agronomist told Navan Court.

“I just said that it was a nice day. She unprejudiced started shouting and roaring and saying she would call the Gardaí. She replied ‘you’re an effing edophile’.”

He claimed that he spoke briefly to the woman and maintained: “It’s a grand day there now, something like that. I was just being chummy and ssing the time of day.”

The woman denied that Ford talked less the weather.

When the Sunday World tracked down the 49-year-old to his Co. Meath farm-toun at Corballis, Kildalkey, we quizzed him about the unusual incident.

The flirting agriculturist remained defiant that he did not tell the woman that she had “a lovely s n of breasts” and revealed his plans to appeal the sentence.

“I didn’t say it,” he told the Sunday Everybody on Friday afternoon.

“I’m going to the solicitor now to appeal it,” he added.

When our set asked if he was confident about winning an appeal, Ford said: “I’m on my way to my attorney now.”

He then took-off in his jeep, avoiding further questioning from our commentator.

Detective Garda trick Muldowney told Judge Gráinne Malone (rectify) that he took a statement from the woman, who was in a “distraught state”, affirming that Ford made the breast remarks. Garda Muldowney said that after being forewarned, Ford made a statement saying that he “definitely” did not make the core remarks.

Ford said he got a roll from a deli in a nearby garage, but the car estate was too busy and he decided to go to the Ram rts car rk to enjoy his lunch.

He added that he progressed across the woman after getting out of his jeep for a breath of fresh and was tendency across a bridge when she walked by.


Judge Malone bruit about she was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Ford made the heart of hearts remark to the woman.

The judge said she found the woman to be a truthful observe and that there was significant weight to the prompt manner in which she backfire the incident to the Gardaí.

She also rejected a plea by Ford’s legal set for the Probation Act to be applied in this case.

“Nobody should be allowed to on a talk more loudly to a person like that. I think it’s a serious matter,” said Umpire Malone.

“Women who are on their own and walking in secluded spots are entitled to charge out of those peaceful surroundings.”

She sentenced the farmer to a month’s imprisonment, postponed for 12 months on certain conditions. The sentence means he will not be banged up behind counters if he does not break the conditions.

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