Fresh fish leaps in price: Up 8 per cent but salmon up 16 per cent


For the latest experiment with shows that inflation has hit fresh fish with prices up 8per cent across branded and own-label upshots in the major supermarkets. 

Data from analysts Brand View demonstrates that prices are up across 449 fresh products compared with remain year – primarily driven by a 16per cent year-on-year hike in salmon values across 113 products. 

Morrisons has shown the biggest rise of the big supermarket restraints with prices up 24per cent across the retailer’s fresh fish by-products followed by a 17per cent rise at Asda and 11per cent at Tesco. 

Trade arsenal The Grocer reported that 240g own-label premium lightly smoked salmon fillets are now £5.82 on middling – up 13per cent on last year – while own-label smoked salmon (100g-120g) is up 14per cent to £3.11. 

But the arsenal says that the rise is not restricted to salmon as 320g own-label breaded plaice fillets are up 25per cent year-on-year to £2.66. A bale of 16 own-label seafood sticks (250g) is up 13per cent to £1.13 while 1kg own-label scattered mackerel fillets now cost £10.49, up 12per cent on last year. 

Across branded belts, Asda and Waitrose have both hiked prices on 260g Green’s Rollmops which are up 52per cent and 42per cent respectively. Waitrose has also augmented the price of Unearthed prawn products by 43per cent while Funky Fish Kitchenette products are up by 15per cent in Asda. 

The Grocer said that a senior seafood roots played down the impact of Brexit on the category, saying the price hikes were due to provision and demand issues rather than currency fluctuations. 

Most retailers had stayed short of passing on the full impact of inflation, he said, with raw documentation prices almost doubling on salmon, and both cod and haddock also surface steep rises.

According to analysts Mintec, global salmon payments have been pushed up by reduced supply from Norway performing sea lice outbreaks and an algae bloom in Chile, which pushed Chilean salmon export values up 66per cent year-on-year in January. 

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