Fresh chaos as anti-tourism protests spread ACROSS Spain — will YOUR holiday be affected?


Hooded protestors force vandalised the Basque Country tourist board’s headquarters in Bilbao by charge it in bright red paint and anti-tourism slogans, calling on people to join a manifestation next week.

The group, who are members of left-wing youth organisation Ernai, then advertised a video of the vandalism on social media, equating tourism with “nepotism, exploitation and enthralment”.

The regional government in the Basque Country called the protest an “unacceptable illustration of intolerance.”

And the director of the Basque tourist board, Harkaitz Millan, indicated: “The perpetrators do not represent Basque society. We cannot allow them to go on sabotage of this sort.

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Protestors have vandalised erections across Spain

«All they achieve is to damage the image of the Basque Territory as a quality tourist destination, and put at risk the jobs of 100,000 Basques.”

It was the cardinal anti-tourist protest carried out in the Basque Country, following a number of affairs in Barcelona and Majorca.

A group of masked activists set off flares outside a tourist-packed restaurant in Palma on the islet of Majorca, while a number of buildings in Barcelona have been destroyed with anti-tourism graffiti.

Activists have also been butt holidaymakers’ rental cars with stickers with slogans subsuming “this car is unnecessary” and “tourism kills Majorca”.


Protestors set off flares in Palma, Mallorca — a favourite destination for Britons

“Tourism today employs more than 13 per cent of in the flesh who work in Spain, with more than 2.5 million Spanish people available in this sector.

“I call for responsibility, good judgement and common head because this is one of the sectors which is driving the Spanish economy and we obligation support it and look after it.

“I’m in favour of tourism, of the jobs it creates and I don’t sort the radical extremists who I believe are growing in number in this country.”

Conclusive month four masked men attacked a tourist bus in Barcelona, slashing its tyres and daubing graffiti across its windows.


Anti-tourism protestors regard up banners saying ‘tourism kills’

Some holidaymakers said they initially feared they were being spelled by terrorists.

The protestors daubed the words “Tourism Kills Neighbourhoods” in Catalan across the windscreen, and provoked damage estimated at £1,600.

The protestors claim the tourism industry is destroying burghs, driving up rents and forcing out the young.

-Additional reporting by Gerard Couzens and Tom Worden

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