French presidential hopeful REFUSES to get tough on EU's open borders policy


His vie with Marine Le Pen has offered a hardline campaign, promising to protect citizens from “illegals” and return “do more to stem the flow of migrants and refugees pouring into France”.

Underneath the current EU system visaless travel through 26 states across continental Europe, which sundry have blamed for allowing the spread of Islamic terror after a flood of attacks.

As a result of the growing migrant crisis, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden interposed temporarily controls on some or all of their borders with other Schengen state of affairs. 

Speaking to Channel 4 News, Mr Macron, who is the bookmakers’ favourite to become president, claimed he commitment back the continued free movement of people across France’s binds.

“I think we have to improve Schengen,” he said. “Improving something is not destruction it.

“I don’t want to suspend it, I think Schengen is foreign frontiers and you can intervene whenever you necessitate inside these frontiers in order to protect your people. 

“It is not resident borders, which is totally different. I think Schengen is a good structure if you precisely implement actual and efficient organisation to have your own keep saves and policemen at these frontiers.”

Mr Macron proposed he would ensure that edges were closely monitored by creating “thousands of jobs” for the police wring across the Schengen area.

He focused his reinforcement efforts around Greece and Italy, two domains who have suffered from migrants crossing the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas in a bid to wind up successfully to mainland Europe.

He added: “I want to be very strict but I don’t want to eradicate Schengen because the day after we restore national boundaries – which is perfectly inefficient for migration and tourism.”

Mr Macron’s views will likely be met with incredulousness by French citizens after studies into “fear in the EU” shows a clarifying loss of trust in the bloc.

British think tank Demos take the measure ofed six countries, including France, where it found a high of 82 per cent of the French people do not trust EU institutions, who enforce the Schengen area.

Scepticism hangs over with the nation, with 81 per cent of those surveyed believing there wishes be another major terror attack in the country in the next six months heed seven over the past two years, according to the report.

Socialist France, one of the six establishing members of the EU, has seen a distinct rise in right-wing politics highlighted by multifarious than one in two French people in the survey suggesting a “fascist or extreme real political [will win an election] in the next ten years”. 

Launching her campaign, Ms Le Pen announced 144 “commitments” during a summon in Lyon. 

The proposals included leaving the eurozone, holding a referendum on EU membership, rapping taxes on imports and on the job contracts of foreigners, lowering the retirement age and increasing diverse welfare benefits while lowering income tax.

The manifesto also foretells reserving certain rights to French citizens only, including allowed education, hiring 15,000 police, curbing migration and leaving Nato’s united command.

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