French lefty candidate says vegetarian school meals would stop 'religious' debate on pork


Jean-Luc Melenchon responded on Sunday that every state school should offer Muslim and Jewish offsprings a pork-free option at lunch. 

The Socialist, who was being interviewed by a panel of youngsters old eight to 12, said the measure would «shut down» the argue in France. 

He said: «If there’s no meat, there’s no meat. You really don’t miss to eat meat every day.» 

Mr Melenchon added that he didn’t think it was «regular» that some school canteens did not offer Muslim and Jewish tyros a pork-free option.. 

He added: «We need to find a middle ground on university meals that will allow us to live in harmony. 

«Because if we don’t, the of between those who are for pork-free meals and those who are against them settle upon never end. Vegetarian meals are the solution to all our woes.» 

The hardline leftist reckoned that meat was «not the only source of protein» and told the children that put less red meat would help them cut their carbon emissions and «conserve» the planet. 

Mr Melenchon did not, however, say whether meat-free meals would be spent every day of the week, or on occasion. 

He said: «If it becomes a problem and a school becomes embroiled in a curmudgeonly debate over pork, then I’ll make the school switch to vegetarian tea overdoes. Debate over.» 

France observes a strict form of secularism, and brilliance schools are under no obligation to provide pork-free lunches. 

The debate settled Muslim and Jewish-friendly meals has exposed a deep social divide in France. 

Tons hardline right-wingers, including presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and former president Nicolas Sarkozy, be undergoing repeatedly called for a ban on non-pork meals in schools. 

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