French FLOP: Macron has failed to convince a SINGLE business to move from London to Paris


France has flagged to persuade a single business or bank to move its headquarters from London to Paris, regardless of pouring in money to make the capital more attractive to investors.

The startle news comes amid a fight between European capitals in the fancy that Brexit will force finance out of London. 

Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dublin and Paris clothed all made efforts to “take over” as the financial capital of Europe surrounded by concerns that Brexit could unleash a business exodus. 


France has failed to influence a single business or bank to move its headquarters to Paris


Macron aspects months of protests and strikes after he unveiled a liberalisation of labour law

Regard for these ambitions, France24 reported today that Paris has yet to win over a single business to relocate its headquarters across the Channel to La Defense, the French Stockade drive crazy Street. 

According to the report, the French capital is struggling to get big foreign banks and function on board.

Many of the businesses courted are concerned about the French main’s reputation for rigid labour laws.

French President Emmanuel Macron names months of unprecedented protests and strikes after he unveiled a liberalisation of breadwinner protections.

Others are worried about the lack of fluent English tub-thumpers – which contradicts Jean-Claude Juncker’s infamous remarks that English was use up its importance. 


France’s junior economy minister predicted that Paris last will and testament become a prominent financial centre


Businesses are concerned there the lack of fluent English speakers in Paris

Others are worried on touching the lack of fluent English speakers – depsite Jean-Claude Juncker’s foul remarks that English was losing its importance

In London, many topics have ruled out moving their headquarters to Paris.

French businessman Alain Falys, who set up YoYo Wallet and works in London, admitted that he may lose artisans once freedom of movement ends.

However, he said there was “no call in of us moving in the future”.

Earlier this week, France’s junior curtness minister predicted that Paris will become a more pronounced financial centre than London within five to 10 years because of Brexit. 

Benjamin Griveaux informed that a “no-deal” Brexit would have consequences for the whole of Europe but that the UK determination be hit hardest.

Mr Griveaux predicted that “in five to 10 years, Paris thinks fitting be the first financial place in continental Europe”.

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