Freedom of movement will NOT STOP after Brexit Labour’s Kier Starmer warns


The Follow Brexit Secretary Kier Starmer attempted to ridicule Brexiteers’ wishes to see an end to unchecked freedom of movement shortly after Brexit.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Demonstrate, Mr Starmer said: “The chances of a brand new immigration policy by March 2019 are zero!

“On leisure of movement, and on this question of whether there’s going to be freedom of campaign during the transitional period, the Government has commissioned a review of immigration.

Brexit news - Keir Starmer dashes Brexiteers dreams of quick end to EU immigrationBBC/GETTY

The Swot MP said the Government won’t be able to create a new immigration policy before Hike 2019

“That review is not even gonna report until well into next year.”

Audacity of movement is considered to be one of the key triggers behind Britain’s 2016 Brexit opinion to leave the EU.

The Labour party recently clarified its position on Brexit, signifying it would seek to continue membership of the single market after Procession 2019.

Remaining inside the single market and the EU customs union would pressure the UK to accept freedom of movement.

In recent years, EU net migration has been at historically costly levels.

According to latest estimates, nearly six per cent of the UK population is either a town-dweller of the EU or was born in an EU member state.

In early August, Home Office outlines revealed the UK Government will seek to implement a work permit way to curb the numbers of EU natives relocating to Britain.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd recently commissioned a piece on the impact EU workers have on the UK economy.

The issue of citizens’ rights post-Brexit has been at the forefront of the EU-UK deals between Brexit Secretary David Davis and Brussels negotiator Michel Barnier.

Consideration three rounds of talks the matter has yet to be clarified.

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