Fraudster conned college out of £500k ordered to pay back just £62k


Julia Hogg, 43, of Selby, Yorkshire, was ruled to 44 months in prison in March this year after acknowledging fraud and false accounting.

Leeds Crown Court heard all over at least four years she diverted funds intended to y for child mind a look after for students taking up places at Leeds City College.

By the time her dishonesty was uncovered she had put something over oned £479,379 from the scheme.

Robert Galley, prosecuting, said the readily obtainable amount for confiscation was £62,463 to include proceeds from a property and a tinkle already in the possession of the police.

He said the money would be applied as compensation to the college.

Conclude Rodney Jameson QC allowed three months for the amount to be id.

At the sentencing listen to in March, the court heard Hogg had spent money on holidays, buying draughtsman clothes for herself and her rtner and buying items for other people’s infants.

She even deceived relatives whom she bought meals and other points for that she had come into a large inheritance to justify the money she was dish out.

She told police she was depressed “and would try to buy friendship”.

Kara Frith asserting her told the court “she was desperately trying to buy her way out of insecurity”.

She said Hogg had initially started giving a small amount into her own bank account to help y for her mortgage when she was at gamble of losing her home but that things had escalated.

She said: “She accepts it proceeded and yments increased in amounts and frequency rt through greed and in most cases by a desire to be liked by others.”

Miss Frith said Hogg was shocked when she initiate out the total involved.

She said: “Some was spent on herself but the majority on others.”

That had allow for ying her rtner’s rent and bills.

She convinced everybody she had come into a good inheritance.

Miss Frith said: “While it is no justification she had significant self-approbation issues and lack of confidence.”

She said Hogg would come out of approved school with nothing and “her reputation in tatters”.

Mr Galley, prosecuting the case, spoke Hogg had started working for the college as an administrator in 2009 at a salary of £14,800.

When her dishonesty was discovered she was warranting £16,000 a year.

The fraud came to light last year after an audit verified the money was going into the same BACS account as her salary and she was fired in October.

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