France officials fly to London in Brexit charm offensive to win UK financial institutions


Plenipotentiaries are warning of economic instability following Britain’s European Union (EU) dissolve and offering Paris as a more stable alternative. 

Officials are currently in London where they are convocation with some of the finance industry’s heavy hitters. 

Paris allies other EU cities, including Dublin and Frankfurt, who hope to benefit lucratively from Brexit.

A spokesman for his business said he would «present all the opportunities and assets, the offerings and the reasons to determine Paris Region» as a new EU home base after Brexit.

Paris is so self-possessed on securing business from UK-based firms it is fast-tracking plans to body seven new skyscrapers in the city, with the business district already inclined to of taking in 20,000 new workers. 

Defacto, the local authority responsible for surviving France’s business district, said: «A lot of new companies are arriving in the business locality from France and from abroad and what we believe is that Brexit resolve accelerate that good tendency.”

It is the latest sign that Paris is dipping up its charm offensive on City firms in hopes of attracting businesses anxious about losing access to the single market in financial services after Britain renounces the European Union.

Mr Nasrou’s meetings come only six weeks after Ile de France president Valerie Pecresse survive visited London with similar intentions.

He was among a group of Parisian bureaucrats and business groups that hosted more than 60 representatives from UK-based banks, scratch managers and insurance firms in the Shard in hopes of drawing more pecuniary firms to London.

Dublin and Frankfurt are also scrapping it out to benefit from any Brexit wobble in London, with the German borough expected to come out on top. 

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