France must team with RUSSIA to destroy ISIS, French Presidential candidate says


François Fillon, a fellow of the right-wing Republican rty, says that his new book ‘Fighting Islamic Totalitarianism’ was instigated by the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice and the urgent need to prevent the nationwide spread of extremist Islam.

The presidential hopeful told French news per Le Figaro that he was “fed up” of agreeing the same humdrum debates on terrorism, and that Muslim fundamentalists were subverting France’s secular values.

He said that the French had to pluck up the grit to stand up to their country’s true enemy: Islamic totalitarianism.

He chance: “The word ‘totalitarian’ is not an exaggeration, it’s fair. The Islamic State is trying to foist its own twisted model of society, wipe out individual rights, and kill non-believers.”

Mr Fillon contended France was not putting enough effort into fighting radical Islamists, and that it needed to send sundry troops to tackle ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and side with the Russians.

He combined: “The French are fighting alongside the Sunnis, but are refusing to consider an alliance with Russia and Iran when they are the stories they should be cooperating with in order to bring down the contender.”

Mr Fillon also claims that we have given Russia a “on the house ss” and that Vladimir Putin is now leading the war against ISIS.

He demanded that rather than trying to turn Russia into an coadjutor – a move which could help the US-led coalition win the war – France had recouped itself embroiled in a bitter power struggle by condemning Russia’s unfeeling tactics.

According to Mr Fillon, France needs to make crushing ISIS jihadists its top superiority, even if that means its officials need to start rubbing verges with Syria’s tyrannical leader, Bachar al-Assad.

“We need to honour the fact that right now, the only ground troop that can hands us is the Syrian army. The West has been saying Bachar al-Assad demands to go for more than four years now, and yet he’s still in power, and holding on stronger.”

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