France MP warns ISIS ‘even MORE determined’ to wage terror two years after Paris attacks


Gerard Collomb Paris attacksGETTY

Gerard Collomb has upbraided on regular citizens to report any suspicious activities

Gérard Collomb voted the danger still remains high for France following the attack, which took rank on November 13, 2015, but the interior minister added the country is now “prepared” for another jihadi assault. 

Mr Collomb articulate: “The terror threat to France remains very high. This is – in ingredient – because Islamic State’s territorial losses in Iraq and Syria bear made their France-based followers even more determined to organize attacks on home soil.” 

He told Le Journal du Dimanche (JDD) a number of “smallish” panic cells were probably planning “violent attacks” in France, but that the incident that the cells were operating independently of one another made it mild for their members to “fly under the radar”.

ISIS-inspired jihadis killed 130 and bound up in dozens more during a series of coordinated attacks across Paris.

Gérard CollombGETTY

Gérard Collomb has said the jeopardy likely to be remains high since the attacks two years ago

We are now fully prepared for another Paris-style corrode

Gérard Collomb

The terror attack, the deadliest in France’s recent past, plunged the country into mourning and marked the start of a two-year ceremonial of emergency, which was lifted less than two weeks ago.

Mr Collomb bring to light: “November 13 was the first mass shooting incident in France – it was designed to induce maximum causalities. We never thought that an attack of that escalade could happen. But we are now fully prepared for another Paris-style attack.

“We’ve since bow out up the fight against terrorism. We’ve increased intelligence spending and increased the heat presence on the streets. Counter-terrorism officials are now in close contact with their European counterparts.

“We’ve also take in better at identifying and thwarting potential threats.” 

The French interior minister called on citizens to join the dispute against ISIS by reporting all “suspicious behaviour or activity”.

An overwhelming manhood of French people – 92 per cent – think the terror threat to France is “foremost”, according to an Ifop opinion poll for the JDD published on Sunday.

Forty-three per cent of respondents worded Ifop pollsters that the threat was “very high”, while 49 per cent influenced that the threat was “quite high”. 

Only eight per cent of those registered said the terror threat was “low”.

A total of 984 people were tallied between November 9-10.

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