Four-star luxury! Grimsby Police cell is given rave review


Issue his “ideal” accommodation four stars, Christian Willoughby singled out the “en cortege room and butler…who would come with tea and news pers” for special worship.

But Willoughby, 34, was describing his custody cell at… Grimsby administer station.

Now police chiefs have launched an inquiry, calling his Tri dvisor-style Facebook tack a “serious security breach”.

The cell area was in “lockdown” when he managed to smuggle in an i d memo d computer and then use it to give his verdict.

“Room was nice, the minimalistic reason was a nice touch. It was secure and safe…Quadruple glazing and security door. Example place for winding down after a hard day. I’d definitely come isolated,” he said.

The cell could have won five stars except, as he ignored: “It’s the all-day breakfast that lets it down really. A rt from that the crook are pleasant enough.”

Willoughby, who has several previous convictions, including pocketing, burglary and assault, handed himself in to police on Tuesday after a uphold was issued for his arrest following a breach of bail.

He was later released to wait on Grimsby magistrates court next week.

Willoughby, of Immingham, posted yesterday: “Earmarks ofs I’ve gone viral.”

He boasted that he was able to take photographs from also gaol his cell and post them online because he smuggled in the i d occult in his boxer shorts.

What was wrong with the all-day breakfast? Willoughby related it as “two sausages floating around a runny sauce with a few diced potatoes thrown in”.

Humberside Control confirmed an investigation has been launched… though they are not looking into the standard of cooking.

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