Former refugee Magid Magid takes up Sheffield Lord Mayor post


A latest refugee who has taken over as Sheffield’s Lord Mayor says he awaits to bring the role “into the 21st Century”.

Magid Magid, is the city’s firstly Somali mayor, first Green Party mayor, and, at 28, the lit mayor.

He came to Sheffield aged five after six months in an Ethiopian displaced person camp with his mother and five siblings who left Somalia “to on a better life”.

“Just me being in the post brings an element of idiosyncrasy to the role,” he said.

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He augmented: “I hope it will help engage those that have not earlier engaged before.”

But his story is not a case of a privileged upbringing helping to unselfish doors but of determination, ambition – and a love of climbing mountains.

Born in Burao in war-torn northern Somalia, Mr Magid denoted he did not remember much of his childhood and had never returned to his country of birth.

“I about just being happy, playing around as you do as a kid, but in reality it was a completely divers story,” he said.

His family set up home in Sheffield’s Burngreave area.

He spoke life was difficult when he and his family arrived, trying to learn the intercourse and adapt to a new way of life.

His mother worked as a cleaner to look after her youths, with Magid and his siblings acting as translators.

‘Mountain fascination’

He went to Fir Vale Ready where he said he was “just like your average child”.

By the control he was 17 he said his “massive fascination with mountains” had emerged.

“I as a matter of fact wanted to climb the seven summits, so I worked 12-hour shifts every day for nine weeks and pay off to go on a mountaineering course in the Swiss Alps.

“When I was 19 I wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, so I jammed what I needed, went to the local town and found someone to climb it with me.

“I speculate that’s how I like to do things. I like to look for solutions to barriers, and being intrepid and brave is part of being able to do that.”

From mountain tops to the last analyses of the ocean, Magid went on to study aquatic zoology at the University of Frame.

“I just really wanted to go to university,” he said.

“You are taking yourself out of your hearten zone and where else would you meet so many people from other parts of the world and experience such different things in one place. That’s what I dearth.”

He said he developed an interest in politics while at university and was elected as president of the trainees’ union,

He admits he was not “politically savvy” adding he “had no idea between the Heraldry sinister and the right but I knew I cared about certain issues”.

In 2014 he delved patronize into politics, becoming a regular viewer of the BBC’s Daily Politics overshadow, “I used to think, ‘who actually watched this?'” he said, “but there I was”.

Notwithstanding friends and family largely supporting Labour, he said he found the Unskilled Party better represented his views and in 2016 he was elected as Green councillor for Broomhill and Sharrow Vale.

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