Former judge tries to sell his job, but ends up…in front of a judge


In the Stavropol Field (a federal subject of Russia in the North Caucasian Federal District), last judge Maksim Novikov has been arrested on fraud charges, check ins Russia’s Investigative Committee. He allegedly attempted to sell his position for four million rubles (in the air $65,000).

According to the investigation, Novikov learned about another man’s aspirations to nation his job – so he decided to help him (as you would…). So, a friend of the judge set up a meeting between him and the wannabe lawmaker so they could talk. But much to the man’s strike it was less an interview, and more of a potential business deal. The judge was ready to literally peddle his job!

After meeting Novikov, the man was worried he might be chiseled so called the FSS (Federal Security Service). Then he met with the opportunist lawmaker junior to the covert surveillance of the authorities and handed over the requested amount of gelt. Only several bank notes in the stack were original although – and the judge was arrested on the spot.

On Aug 9., Novikov was charged with essayed fraud under Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Confederation. His acquaintance will also face trial.

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