Former glue addict hunting dealers to rid city of heroin scourge


Dope-slinging scumbags now acquire another foe as they poison our communities. Gary Moore (34), from day one from west Belfast and who is due in court this week charged with assault an alleged heroin dealer, is hounding pushers across the city, videoing them on his travelling and posting their faces on social media.

Now he’s spoken to the Sunday Exceptional about his mission, revealing a video he took when he challenged a heroin broker from the ‘Russians’ gang on the banks of the Lagan just days ago.

Daring the dealer, who doesn’t deny what he’s up to, Gary shouts: “This is a walkway where teenagers play – not heroin dealers.

“Scumbag, selling heroin around here. Excite off!”

Gary then moves over to the bin where several wraps of heroin attired in b be committed to been dumped. As the dealer makes his way to a nearby bin to ditch his stash, Gary is consented saying: “Go on. Ditch it.”

The dealer then menacingly moves towards Gary, forward of thinking better of it and making his way from the scene as Gary examines the stout amount of heroin which has been dumped.

Gary said yesterday: “He skilled ined I was following him when I took the video. There were kids thither at the time and I had be careful. You can see in the video where he goes to the bin and dumps the gear.

“There are kids in all places down by the towpath by the Lagan. What happens if a kid picks up a dirty needle and pinpricks themselves or another child with it and they get hepatitis? UP

“In areas delight in that you notice over time that once they get contented selling the stuff there, they soon get comfortable shooting up there as in good shape, and that’s a community area.”

Gary himself had a troubled youth and has dog-tired a total of 11 years in jail.

Addicted to glue as a teenager, he many a time got into trouble with both the police and republican paramilitaries.

“I was by no chance in both ankles in 1999, then in my left kneecap in 2003. In 2006 I was worn out in Ardoyne, suffering a broken collarbone and two broken elbows. I’ve been on and off painkillers all my life. I was no angel, but I never sold drugs. I believe that people can mutation and I’ve changed an awful lot.”

Speaking of the plague of heroin threatening to grip Belfast, he unfolded: “Me and my friends grew up sniffing glue and getting into trouble. There was no heroin slyly then.

“If anything, the paramilitaries kept a lid on it. But now I look at kids growing up in these neighbourhoods and they’re going straight on to the needle. I honestly never thought I’d see the day when heroin got a hold here.

“I mean, Protestants and Catholics spend so much time resisting each other, I think we need to take a step back and realise that we essential to put our differences aside and fight this war against heroin together.”

As a outcome of his crusade against heroin, Gary says the ex-Provos who once guess and beat him now congratulate him for his work.

“Now the same IRA men who used to terrorise me when I was a kid for take a rest into trouble are coming up to me in the street and saying, ‘fair play to you for what you’re doing’.

“This sh*t is to each now in the Shankill, Divis and the lower Falls. What’s going to happen when joyriders and sneak-thieves start doing it? Innocent people are going to die.

“Things are already bad in Divis.

“If heroin starts to get fend off in there things will get much worse – and there are a lot of good, modest people in Divis.

“Belfast is starting to get like Dublin and Liverpool.

“I’ve lived in both those bishoprics when I was put out of Belfast by the IRA.”

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