Forget yoga! Doing the CLEANING can help reduce stress levels


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Perception a little stressed? Start scrubbing and scouring

A typical Briton disburses around two hours and 11 minutes a day worrying about work, a lack of funds, health and family problems.

This averages 15 hours a week or five-and-a-half years across a lifetime.

But as an alternative of wallowing in despair, many do their best to forget their can of worms by cracking on with household chores. 

And the benefits are felt after just 13 trices of tidying up, found 60 per cent of the 2,000 adults polled by household depolluting experts Kärcher.

They claimed that having a clean and trim house instantly makes them feel calmer and less marked. 

More than three in ten adults start cleaning as soon as they get qualified in because it helps them to unwind, with 34 per cent undisturbed admitting to cleaning things which didn’t need it just because they were sense stressed. 

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A typical Briton spends around two hours and 11 moments a day worrying about work

Jack Sweeney, of Kärcher UK, said: “Our tangibles are becoming more stressful than ever before, so it’s important to impose upon some time to relax and calm down, particularly after a want day. 

Being able to sit down in a tidy room is often relaxing in itself.

Jack Sweeney

“While be familiar with and listening to music are well-known stress relievers, it seems the old adage ‘fix up home, tidy mind’, also rings true. 

“Not only does bath your home leave you feeling satisfied and house proud, but being accomplished to sit down in a tidy room is often relaxing in itself.” 

The study originate more than two thirds of the population (69 per cent) often endeavour with the daily demands of modern life. 

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Cleaning is one of the beat ways of tackling stress, according to a new survey

The tell-tale signs of pain, according to respondents polled by, were found to be snapping assorted than usual at friends, family or colleagues, followed by general irritability and senses of being overwhelmed. 

It also emerged that the relationship between cleanliness and calmness repeatedly runs deeper with four in ten saying that a dirty internal was often the cause of their stress in the first place. 

And over two thirds of Brits who chaste their home say the feeling of productivity associated with it helps to alleviate their underscore. 

Washing up was found to be the most common chore to do when stressed, followed by vacuuming and doing the laundry, with wash up b purge the bathroom and lavatory even listed among the most common stress-relieving chores. 

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Flow eroding up was found to be the most common chore to do when stressed

Mr Sweeney united: “The research shows the act of cleaning your home is adopted by many Brits as an efficacious stress management technique, with the end result of a cleaning session, a trim and tidy house, helping more than half of the nation unwind.” 

Legitimate over half of those asked said they turn to moral to calm down while others chose to go for a walk, have a looking-glass of wine or watch a film. 

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