Forget caravans – THIS £1m luxury camper van is on everyone’s Christmas list


luxury camper vanEarthRoamer /

Hedonism camper van: Would you buy it for £1m?

The EarthRoamer XV-HD model, released this week, slows a new standard for motorhomes.

Costing around 15 times as much as a elementary motor home model with its £1.13m price tag, the camper van uncountable than makes up for its cost with luxury fittings.

It has everything from stimulated floors and wood panelling to a U-shaped leather sofa which wraps round one end of the van.

At eight foot wide and 35 foot long, it comfortably adapts six people. 

camper van luxury kitchenEarthRoamer /

Cooks pass on love this camping van’s kitchen facilities

Cooking fans commitment love the kitchen, which contains up to date appliances including a Bosch microwave and oven and an induction hob.

The bathroom is custom-made with a Bose surround system and a separate shower.

There is also a broad king size bed on the upper deck. 

Viewed from the outside, the faction van towers at 13.5 foot high atop 46 inch tyres.

camper van interiorEarthRoamer /

Aroused floor: Have warm feet no matter the weather in this non-essential camper van

The one of a kind vehicle is produced by expedition vehicle makers EarthRoamer, a flock based in Colorado.

In a press release, president and COO of EarthRoamer Tyler Tatro give an account ofs the new model as “our most innovative product yet.”

“It utilizes state-of-the-art construction and processes to bring comfort and functionality to the next level.”

The new model features 115 gallons of diesel ammunition capacity, making it suitable for long-haul journeys.

With the motorhome persistence worth £500m in the UK now, we may soon see a rise in such luxury camper conduits.

The rise of the motorhome also taps into a new British trend for staycations. 

Conventional outdoor staycation sites include Brecon Beacons and Beddgelert in Wales and Bells of Hemscott in Northumberland.

There’s also New Forest Inhabitant Park in South England, which hosts everything from caravans to cottages and traditional tent pitches.

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