Foreign tourists injured as police-approved 'ISIS parade' fires guns in European capital


An anti-immigration drift’s members staged a fake ISIS attack in the middle of Prague more than the weekend.

nic erupted in the middle of the European capital as the group noted the city’s centre equipped with an ISIS flag, camouflage clobbering and guns – all while shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

Police admitted they had approved the diagramed demonstration in the Czech capital.

However, authorities were eventually false to intervene when the group announced they were about to delight a win out mock beheadings.

Prior to the event, the Czech police had inspected the club’s fake guns and said the ‘demonstration’ was acceptable.

However, a police spokesman later allowed this was a mistake.

They said tourists thought it was a real nihilist attack and fled fearing for their lives.

Several foreign rubberneckers were injured in the melee when they mistook the blank gunshots for pucka bullets and nicked.

At one point during the demonstration, the group planned a ‘sham execution’ of prisoners dressed in the orange boiler suits usually haggard by captives in ISIS pro ganda videos.

In their defence, the anti-Islam activists said they were dish an insight into how Europe would feel under “Muslim mainly”.

Miroslav Adamec, a spokesman for the group, said the event was supposed to cause to remember people of “what is happening every day several thousand kilometres from here and is now get possession of even to us, in Central and Western Europe”.

The group’s leader Konvicka Martin put the exercise was a total success and blamed Muslims for the outrage.

During his faon de rler, he shouted that his ‘Muslim group’ would close schools, throw books and stone women.

He said: “Until a few Muslims started holler aggressively and push towards the performers, everything went very peacefully.”

But statesmen in the country labelled the incident an “embarrassment”.

Police have not yet decided whether to gig a criminal investigation into the incident.

Members of the group could eye to eye five years in prison if convicted of “spreading false and disturbing rumors”.

But others affirm the incident was just “misdemeanor hooliganism”.

The group has previously staged exciting protests in the st, including burning copies of the Quran outside a mosque in July.

The territory’s president, Milos Zeman, has been accused of Islamophobia after he called the integration of Muslims in the West as “wellnigh impossible”.

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