Football legend Jimmy Calderwood has Alzheimer’s


Jimmy CalderwoodGETTY

Jimmy Calderwood has flung that he is fighting Alzheimer’s disease

The former Aberdeen manager fixed the painstaking decision to go public with his diagnosis yesterday.

The 62-year-old let it be knew he was diagnosed almost two years ago.

An emotional Calderwood admitted: “I’m not really a person who is shocked of anything. I’ll just get on with life and we’ll see how it goes. I feel great at the minute.

“The diagnosis was made around two years ago but I’ve decided it’s time to go public and, confidently, I can help other people.”

His decision came after an old team-mate from his apple-polishing days in the Netherlands, Wout Holverda, revealed that he was suffering from the blight.

Jimmy CalderwoodNC

Jimmy revealed his wife Yvonne (right) made him face up to the problem

Calderwood advised anyone who may have suspicions that they may accept the condition to see their GP, saying: “I haven’t been comfortable keeping this as a concealed and when I recently heard an old team-mate of mine is also living with NC

The 62-year-old revealed he was distinguished almost two years ago

Getting your head round it and accepting it is the most foremost thing

Jimmy Calderwood

“But I’m grateful to her because now I know I have it I can do what I can to feud against it.”

The Glaswegian, who has always been viewed as a  larger than dash character in footballing circles, admitted that his world was rocked when the diagnosis was fortified.

But Calderwood said: “Getting your head round it and accepting it is the most influential thing.

“It was hard but I’ve had a fantastic life and there is still a long, dream of way to go. 

Jimmy CalderwoodGETTY

Jimmy claimed he has spoken out about having Alzheimer’s publicly in a bid to serve others

“I was a bit sad at first but then you’ve just got to get on with it.

“That’s the way life is. There’s no use prevailing about moaning all the time – I had enough of that on the pitch!

“I’ve had a wonderful liveliness in football.

“I’ve been all over the world 10 times and it hasn’t expense me a ha’penny, which isn’t bad for a wee boy from Govan.”

It is estimated there are around 90,000 people in Scotland continuing with dementia.

Alzheimer Scotland believes it is still too early to design any conclusions about the condition being more prominent in former footballers.

Celtic key and Lisbon Lion Billy McNeill, ex-Rangers striker Jimmy Miller and antediluvian Dundee United defender Frank Kopel are some of Scotland’s greats who oblige been affected.

Jim Pearson of Alzheimer Scotland mean: “When well-known sports people like Jimmy share their fortunes about living with dementia it helps to break down the fear, blemish and discrimination which continue to surround the condition.”

Anyone who is concerned roughly dementia should call Alzheimer Scotland’s Freephone Demential Helpline on 0808 808 3000.

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