Football fans injured as stand collapses after goal — at least 18 hurt


The defend at Amiens’ Stade de la Licorne stadium collapsed midway through a equivalent with Lille. 

Horrifying photos appear to show a barrier throw in the towel way, sending fans tumbling through the air. 

The fans appear to have memorializing a goal when the barrier at the front of the stand collapsed. 

Emergency women including paramedics, Red Cross workers, firefighters and the two clubs’ doctors uncomplicated to the scene. 

The game, a league fixture in France’s Ligue 1, has now been quit as injured fans are treated. 

Officials said 18 fans had been worn with at least three in a serious condition. Lille themselves translated 20 had been hurt.

Lille stand collapseAFP / GETTY

A stand has collapsed at Amiens football belabor leaving Lille fans injured

After a security meeting, the tie was postponed. 

Marc Ingla, Lille’s CEO, has demanded an explanation for the accident. 

He tweeted: “We are firstly ratiocinative of our supporters. 

“Lille has the right to question the conditions of reception and security tabled for our supporters by the club and the stadium of Amiens.

“Lille wants the cause of this mistake to be quickly identified, for its supporters and victims so that this can never come off again.”

Amiens Lille collapseAFP / GETTY

Lille fans are treated after the collapse at Amiens

Mobs Amiens FC tweeted: “The authorities and rescue services are evacuating the wounded. 

“Concerns with the wounded. We hope this is not too serious.”

They later united: “The match has definitely been stopped.

“The stadium is being evacuated in a make quiet manner.” 

Lille AmiensAFP / GETTY

A player in the Lille-Amiens match watches as supporters break apart after the stand collapse

Lille tweeted: “The match is stopped. A big expectation for our supporters. It is hopefully nothing serious.

“There were 20 outrage in the incident, three of which were evacuated to the hospital.

“We are giving them all our champion.”

This is a breaking story, more to follow…

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