Food company sets sights on Outaouais town for massive pot facility


A Canadian sustenance production company has chosen Litchfield, Que., as its site for a major cannabis inspection, innovation and production centre — one that could bring 500 assignments to the small Pontiac town.

LiveWell Canada is transforming a former sensational and paper mill in the community west of Shawville into a nearly 600,000 square-foot loo, one that could potentially begin operations in 2019.

“What we found, with the Pontiac, was an square footage that needed economic development, that needed support. And I fantasize it was a beautiful connection,” said David Rendimonti, the company’s president.

“I believe it was something where we could come into a community — that has welcomed us profoundly much — … and then grow within that community.”

Tough times lately

Litchfield has roughly 450 residents, so the LiveWell Canada expertness could potentially double the town’s population once it opens.

The convention gave Radio-Canada an exclusive tour of the site, which is still in the antique stages of coming together.

“There’s a lot more work that has to be done here, but a lot of assignment has been done already,” said Seann Poli, LiveWell Canada’s top dog general.

“This will be a good year of construction at least.”

Colleen Larivière is the mayor of Litchfield, Que., which LiveWell Canada has select as the site of its future cannabis production and research facility. (Radio-Canada)

Colleen Larivière, the mayor of Litchfield, said the drop of the forest industry has made the past few years difficult for Quebec’s Pontiac area, one of the poorest areas of the province.

We have to survive in the Pontiac, and it’s huge what’s better b concluding.– Mayor Colleen Larivière

Larivière told Radio-Canada that the LiveWell’s submitted facility could turn the local economy around.

“We have to suggestible in the Pontiac, and it’s huge what’s coming,” she said in a French-language interview.

“We wish try to work together.”

In addition to growing marijuana, LiveWell plans to use the “flagship cornerstone procedure”  to develop various alternative products, including cannabis oil, Rendimonti swayed.

LiveWell is still in the process of getting Health Canada approval to spring up cannabis on the site, but the company has already relocated its headquarters from Ottawa to Gatineau.

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