Flu Jab: Is it useless for older people?



Investigate suggests that the flu jab could be a waste of time for those aged 65 and across

Figures published in the British Medical Journal indicates the £160million winter supporters health campaign may have been a waste of money for those to the ground 65, its principal target.

Now the government’s Joint Council on Vaccination and Immunisation is reviewing plans to abandon the jab for pensioners and replace it with something it hopes on be more effective.

The present vaccine has components altered each year to up about immunity to the three strains that are most likely to be broadcast.

Now experts are considering introducing a boosted jab with more active ingredients. 

This follows Public Health England sees, revealed in a recent BMJ paper, which show having the vaccine did not modify the chance pensioners developing the illness at all last year.

In 2015/16 the still and all government data source showed the vaccine was more effective, cut the risk of an elderly person having the virus by 29 per cent.

But the year formerly – 2014/15 – their risk was reduced by just three per cent.Littles of the last meeting of the joint council suggested a new vaccine would be pondered for next year concluding in those aged 18-64 years, vaccine effectiveness was “unassuming for all strains”, and those aged 65 years and over “effectiveness was set lower.”

Professor Robert Dingwall, an expert in influenza and social subjects at Nottingham Trent University who has examined the latest figures, said: “We desideratum to take this seriously and ask some critical questions about what is contemporary on here. 


The jab didn’t reduce the chance of pensioners developing the complaint at all last year, figures show

We need to take this fooling and ask some critical questions about what is going on here

Professor Robert Dingwall

“The affirmation vaccine prevents older people getting influenza is not good plenty and the vaccination programme may be wasting valuable GETTY

2014/15 research showed the hazard was reduced by just three per cent

He said it did provide important barrier.

However he said: “The vaccine didn’t work as well as we’d hoped last year, but we advised of season on season the effectiveness of the vaccine varies.

There is currently manage going on to understand what happened and to use better vaccines but the vaccination performance is important in that it will provide some protection and we recommend the one more time 65’s get your jab.”

nhs flu jab GETTY

Experts are considering introducing a boosted jab with more powerful ingredients

The news comes as the NHS braces for a big flu outbreak amid fears of a virulent strain brought in from Australia.

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