Flights to the Balearic Islands could soon have an ALCOHOL limit due to increase in fights


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Juice on flights could be restricted when flying to Spain to reduce makes and disruptions

The reputation of the Balearic Islands has recently been that of alcohol-fuelled affrays and fights, with it being a popular boozy destination for Brits.

Simply recently, Magaluf enforced new laws and rules in an attempt to curb anti-social bearing amongst tourists.

The new laws regarding alcohol consumption could in the near future even hit airlines as they holidaymakers fly to the popular resorts.

It is hoped that by limiting the amount of alcohol being served onboard, there will be fewer disruptions during the aeroplane.

The aim of the measure is to improve passenger security

Pilar Carbonell

The Balearic Aits head of tourism Pilar Carbonell has called on Spain and the European Commission to set hooch caps on the planes.

She stated that it would: “guarantee security… and attend to anti-social tourism.

“The aim of the measure is to improve passenger security and also that of care forces in planes and airports in our islands, who are often faced with alky passengers.”

The limit could prevent any further alcohol escalations which press occurred in recent months.

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The notorious party islands mean that travellers regularly get into drunken flights on airlines

It’s in light of recent happenings of drunken tourists on the streets and on flights.


The alcohol flight provisions are an effort to curb the disruptions to airlines

However, it isn’t the only country minatory to restrict alcohol.

The famous island of Hvar in Croatia has also try oned to prevent the drunken reputation from spiralling out of control.

The island is recollected for its beach bars and party environment for Britons heading on holiday to the European boonies.

The new penalties could be up to £623 for committing an offence.

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