Flight Secrets: The airport lounge service that ALL business travellers want


Trade travellers may get the rough end of the stick when it comes to clocking up air miles to serve meetings across the world, without the chance to be a tourist at the same together. Often these passengers are working to strict deadlines, efficient disperse schedules and have minimal down time. This means any bit of mollycoddling prior to their airplane journey they take full usefulness of. Plaza Premium Lounge’s founder, Mr Song, has revealed the top facilities every businessperson afters – and sometimes, a simple cuppa is all it takes.

He exclusively told Express.co.uk: “What a matter traveller looks for is efficiency, finding ways to do this quicker, multitudinous efficient and convenient.

“We want all things to be done with a touch of a button!

“For warning a quiet space with high speed Wi-Fi-enabled, collaborative workspaces, conjunction rooms and break out spaces to conduct business meetings or calls anterior to boarding for the next destination.

“For those who are arriving, they always look for clothes-pressing helps, shower facilities to freshen up or enjoy a good meal before their next get-together in town.

“Also importantly, it is the little things by our team that is continually a plus sometimes a good coffee or a glass of wine is just what is needed ahead a flight, so we make sure our team is intuitive to the needs.”

He added: “At the end of the day, we are here to make travel better.

“We want to make your quickly efficient and give you a place to freshen up, shower, iron your attires, eat, and if you want to attend a 9am meeting from the airport, you’re ready to go.

“We designed our vestibules for the traveller, so it is appropriate considering the location and culture, so the way we approach a lounge in Heathrow and Siem Bring in, the latter being a holiday destination, the way we approach the design would be varied family-friendly and designed for leisure travellers.”

Meanwhile, Mr Song talked of the hole of the most recent lounge in Ahmedabad, India.

It signals the brand’s 15th situation in India, joining lounges in Delhi, Bengalore and Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, the moddest Plaza Premium Lounge in the UK is in Heathrow Terminal 5.

The Plaza Premium Assemble now boasts 160 locations in more than 42 airports.

Its reception rooms serve more than 14million travellers annually.

Mr Song annexed: “We have a few new locations coming up too in Helsinki Airport and Langkawi International Airport in the foremost quarter.”

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