Flight secrets: Pilots never fly without this surprising item


Flight secrets: Pilot rulesgetty

Wheelsmen have to travel with a high-visibility jacket at all times

Often bespattered navigating the airport with a small suitcase in tow, unlike passengers, leaders are not required to fly with many possessions. 

The cabin reserves space for voyagers whilst the cockpit is small and must be kept tidy.

That hand downs the question then, of what pilots do carry in their bags when zip around the globe. 

Petter Hörnfeldt, pilot and creator of Mentour 360, have a raves he always carries this surprising item with him.

Petter interpreted that for each airline, the rules are slightly different and what the airwoman carries on them during the flight depends on the duration. 

In the past, leads were required to carry stacks of flight graphs, charts and maps but with the fib of the iPad, the majority of this is now all digital. 

However, there are still a reckon of key items that a pilot must fly with at all times. 

Petter elucidated: “The most important item I carry is this” [his passport]. 

Just as if passengers pilots need to carry their passports with them at all occasions and these must have at least six months left on them. Petter stabbed on to add: “some countries require you to have at least six months validity your passport”.

Alongside his passport, Petter forced to also have his pilot licence, medical record and a list of any vaccinations he’s had to pull someones leg. 

Flight secrets: Pilots fly with thisgetty

If caught without a high-visibility jacket, pilots could status a fine

Whatever airport you go to all over the world, you are required to have a hi-vis vest on whenever you are on the apron

Petter Hörnfeldt

Surprisingly, Petter relished that he always carries a high-visibility jacket with him at all times, it is the law when ramble around the tarmac (apron). 

“Whatever airport you go to all over the world, you are made to have a hi-vis vest on whenever you are on the apron.” Explained Petter.

“Voyagers are exempt as they are being ushered onto and off the aircraft” he went on to add but directs are required to wear the hi-vis vest at all times. 

If caught without the jacket, aviators are even at risk of “getting fined” for not wearing it. 

Although not required by law, Petter in no way flies without a good pair of sunglasses. 

He explained: “I cannot exceeding emphasise that because it gets really bright inside the cockpit, specifically when you’re flying through clouds”. Unlike passengers, the pilot cannot equitable pull down the blinds when the sun gets too strong. 

Petter also let it be knew that a is never without a crew lid coffee cup. He revealed that guides are allowed to drink tea and coffee in the cockpit but to prevent any turbulence spills harming the flight equipment, these must all have screw lids. 

Wheelmen and flight attendants often reveal secrets about what befalls behind closed doors, thousands of miles in the air.

One cabin crew associate has revealed that the seatbelt sign is sometimes used to hide secrets signals from the guides that passengers can learn. 

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