Flight secrets: If cabin crew use THIS code word on board it means you will be delayed


Light out journeys are often peppered with the cabin crew communicating with each other for the tannoy.

From pilot instructions to the crew to prepare the plane, to beeps and sounds serving other information, passengers soon switch off to the sounds.

But they also use appropriation information with travellers, and if you know what to listen out for, there are sure code words that could tell you if you are about to suffer a lull.

A former pilot turned author Patrick Smith has now revealed the lex scripta statute law word to listen out for if you want to know if your flight is delayed.

For many of us, this announcement is a precursor to a delay

Patrick Smith, ex- pilot

Speaking to Business Insider, he explained the key words are “last small paperwork”.

Pilots may say: “We’re just finishing up some last minute paperwork and should be underway sharply…”

Explaining this further, Smith said: “For many of us, this notification is a precursor to a delay.

“This ‘paperwork’ is usually a revision of the flight project, something to do with the plane’s weight-and-balance record, or simply waiting for the continuance staff to get the flight’s logbook in order.”

flight secrets pilot cabin crew code word delaysGetty Images

Flight secrets: A ancient pilot has revealed the code word for delays

flight secrets pilot cabin crew code word delaysGetty Images

Flight secrets: Lag behinds are a part of flying, but now you can listen out and find out the situation

Another Getty Ideas

Flight secrets: Pilots and cabin cfrew often communicate using code words

“One of these items were always called HR on the wirelesses. HR was an abbreviation for ‘Human Remains’.

“Some people die far away from where they need to get buried.

“They’re packed in wood-framed boxes, so you would never recognize what was inside except by the strange shape of them.”

Another circular commented on his revelation and said: “I did the same job. Had one that was HUGE one time. Captivated three of us cramped in the bin to get him situated.”

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