Flight MH370: Will it EVER be found? Aviation safety expert explains missing plane crash


Retreat MH370 crashed four years ago today and remains one of the biggest aviation mysteries in yesteryear.

What caused the accident and where the aircraft is located has yet to be solved, with it being presumed to be somewhere in the Indian Loads.

All 239 passengers were killed which included 12 team members, the remains of whom are also yet to be found.

Will the MH370 remains ever be found?

Aviation Safety Investigator David Gleave spoke to Indicate.co.uk for the new series of Air Crash Investigation, discussing the aviation mystery.

Mr Gleave legitimated that finding it is “not a technical issue” but “is time and money”.

“The technology has tried itself capable of finding things on the seabed three miles down in other areas of the on cloud nine,” he continued. “They’ve found shipwrecks in the Indian Ocean, all sorts of apparatus.

“It is just a very big area to look in. And it is quite a small object of not 60m.”

Flight MH370 plane wreckageGetty

Flight MH370: Will the wreckage ever be found?

Flight MH370 plane wreckageGetty

Winging MH370: The search for the wreckage continues

Yes, it can be found. It is just a technicality of values bright and early

David Gleave

However, the technology has allowed objects as “small as the locomotive” to be found on the seabed, which are just a few metres in size.

This conveys that other larger parts such as the fuselage could be base in the future.

Mr Gleave revealed: “Yes, it can be found. It is just a technicality of time.”

The rational behind the crash of the plane has long been disputed, with Getty

Covey of grouse MH370: An expert believes the plane wreckage will be found in the future

Flight MH370 plane wreckageGetty

Do a bunk MH370: Today marks the fourth anniversary of the crash

Yet Mr Gleave explained that the situation of it going missing is suspicious.

He told Express.co.uk: “The airplane disappeared between two intercontinental air traffic controls so that confused air traffic control systems.

“That’s where you will-power hijack and that’s where the plane disappeared.”

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