Flight attendant reveals THIS shocking secret about the mile high club on a plane


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Flock attendant: Is the mile high club legal on a plane?

Flight secrets play a joke on unearthed some of the most shocking tales of being 30,000 feet in the air.

From the dirtiest tray indexes to contaminated tea and coffee, it is a wonder that people still choose to fly if they remembered how filthy the planes really are.

One part of the flight that people appease try and take part in is the mile high club, by sneaking off to the bathroom with their other half.

A excursion attendant has revealed the shocking secrets behind the act.

Most of the time, if we see something going on and it’s not affecting anyone, we let it be

Jenna Leigh

Jenna Leigh, who carry out as a flight attendant on a major airline for 22 years, has explained the secrets behind the disreputable act in her book “Faking the O”.

She explained to Huffington Post: “Most of the time, if we see something prevailing on and it’s not affecting anyone, we let it be.”

Whilst it is something that isn’t encouraged in the air, she does receive it is “up to the discretion of the crew” on how they deal with the situation.

She also interpreted why passengers often get caught, for two reasons.

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Flight resulting: Passengers who try the mile high club get caught out in a number of ways

The numbers one giveaway is acting “so guilty” that they draw attention to themselves.

Leigh discloses that the best time is to attempt it is during a “red-eye flight where myriad passengers are likely to be asleep”.

Surprisingly, she explains how the most usual wrongdoers are strangers to each other as opposed to couples who are flying together, as they are fair-minded “in the moment”.

The amount of Britons who have admitted to having sex on a plane is sort of shocking.

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Flight attendant: Many couples who try are strangers on a away as opposed to in a relationship

A survey by HolidayPirates found, out of 2,000 people questioned, only 6 per cent had admitted to already joining the mile high consortium.

Over half (56 per cent) would not want to try it for themselves, whilst 12 per cent refused to answer.

But is it legal to have sex on a plane? It all depends on the airline.

Virgin Atlantic attired in b be committed to a very surprising policy for mile high club enthusiasts. 

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