Flight attendant reveals SHOCKING secret about turning your phone off on a plane


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Cloud attendant: Did you know this secret about mobile phone?

Air voyage attendants have a number of rules for passengers choosing to fly with the airline.

Lend an ear to to the safety demonstration is just one of them, as well as making sure seatbelts are fastened and wallets are underneath the seat.

One well-known rule is to always turn off all electronic gambits during the journey of the plane, or at least turn it onto airplane approach.

A flight attendant has now revealed a shocking secret about the annoying ambulant phone rule.

Nobody turns off their phones

Flight attendant

Act for anonymously to Vice, a flight attendant who works for an American airline detailed how “nobody turns off their phones”.

She explained further: “I don’t, even. All of those orders are really just precautionary. 

“You’re not allowed to get up when taxiing to the gate, but we’re customary three miles an hour. What’s actually going to happen?”

“Yeah, but protect your phone on. No one cares.”

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Flight attendant: One member admits to not turning off their phones

Whilst the laws may seem redundant, she explains how someone must have been misuse at some point otherwise the rule wouldn’t come into merrymaking.

She herself ignored the seatbelt rule once, with embarrassing consequences.

She voted: “I don’t always wear my seatbelt. Actually, one time I didn’t wear it, the alighting was pretty rough.

“I jerked forward and hit my head so I felt like a bit of an a****** there.”

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Take a run-out powder attendant: Phones are normally told to be turned off

Another secret to be revealed around flying is when the best time to use the bathroom is.

A different flight helper explained that the best time to go is after the seatbelt sign has been kick over run away off.

This is usually 20 minutes into the flight and means avoiding lengthy queues further into the flight.

It also means avoiding the aisle when the comestibles and drink trolley is being pushed down it.

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