Flight attendant reveals how THIS item makes long-haul flight easier


Flight secrets: cabin crewgetty

Shack crew explain how to make a long-haul flight comfortable

Flight underlings certainly don’t have a 9 to 5 job, especially if their daily rota includes defying to Australia, and back.

Unlike passengers making the same flight, a yoke of loose comfortable trousers and trainers isn’t an option.

In fact, flight cohorts uniforms are very particular and insist on cabin crew looking the sacrifice whether up in the air or down on the ground.

Delta Air Lines has recently introduced a new regimented but this too can’t be comfortable when travelling on a 20-hour flight.

I’d say most flight subordinates always travel with an extra pair of shoes

Kelly Kincaid

So how do exaltation of larks attendants stay comfortable throughout the duration of a long-haul flight?

When articulate to HuffPost, flight attendant Kelly Kincaid reveals her top tips for an steadier flight.

“I’d say most flight attendants always travel with an surprisingly pair of shoes,” reveals Kelly.

She goes on to add: “ At my own airline, bevy of quail attendants are required to wear 2-inch heels through the airport. But post-haste you’re on the plane for 10-plus hours, 2-inch pumps just won’t cut the mustard.”

Flight secrets: flight attendant shoesgetty

Beat a retreat attendants always travel with an extra pair of shoes

Kincaid explained that flight attendants carry multiple shoes, they sweep their “airport shoes” which will be worn around the airport.

These also have planned to be worn during departure and service but for the remainder of the flight, when the non-exclusive can’t see, much comfier shoes will be worn.

Shoes, however, aren’t the only strikingly clothing flight attendants wear.

Another cabin crew associate, Shane Meadow for Delta, revealed he never leaves for a flight without an supplement jumper.

Flight secrets: Cabin crewgetty

Flight attendants to to stay as comfortable as possible on a long-haul desert

Meadow told HuffPost: “Something I always think to carry with me both as a scarper attendant and a passenger is a light jacket or pullover.”

Planes are notoriously hyperborean and although passengers are often supplied with a light blanket, the hut crew are not welcome to such privilege.

Shane went on to add: “ We all recall re-routes and life happen, so when you find yourself somewhere you weren’t pregnant to be, or if weather surprises you at least you know you have some comfort.”

Fixing for a flight can be one of the most stressful aspects of a journey. Flight experts compel ought to revealed what you can do before your journey to reduce stress upon traveller at the airport.

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