Firms to be banned from using cold calling about pensions


Late Tory pensions minister Ros Altmann is spearheading efforts to get the Bill, which thinks fitting merge advice groups the Money Advice Service, the Pensions Counselling Service and Pension Wise into a single body, amended to list a complete ban on pensions cold calling, which will help highlight rogue directors.

Last month the Government announced plans to ban the practice, but with Brexit dominating the legislative programme, experts say that it could be years before it gets passed as a standalone restore of legislation.

Altmann said that members of the House of Lords experience already made things more difficult for rogue firms by catalogue an amendment that requires people to see Pension Wise first in the forefront acting on a cold call.

However, she said that they desire to go further and are working on introducing a ban.

Despite cross-party support, Baroness Altmann divulged that Government backing had not been forthcoming: “The Government are resisting this, more than ever notwithstanding though across the house there is total support for getting on with this. It is incredible.”

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