FIFA president: World to see best world football cup in 2018


The president of the Universal Federation of Association Football (FIFA), Gianni Infantino, launched Russia’s 2018 FIFA the human race cup volunteer program in Moscow on June 1.

“The launch of the volunteer program is an worthy milestone in the run-up to the 2018 world cup. We are moving from infrastructure erection to operational activity. Now our job of faceless planning is beginning to acquire its own face, exactly your face because you personify the 2018 world cup,” Infantino voted at the ceremony.

“I thank all of you with from the bottom of my heart. I can promise all the 15,000 recognized volunteers and millions of unofficial volunteers who followed their heart that it last will and testament be an unforgettable event. I promise to the whole world that thanks to the Russian people in 2018 the exactly will see the best world football cup,” Infantino added.

Quote of the week: FIFA president wants to learn Russian

Foreigners who longing come to Russia in 2018 will get their first impression from this homeland after speaking to volunteers, Infantino said. “In 2018, you will all be agents of Russia, it will be your faces that foreign fans require see first when they set foot on Russian soil. They drive see your smile, if they need help. I am certain that you resolve represent the best of Russia. The world will see a welcoming, friendly and unincumbered Russia. The launch of the volunteer program is the first step in this directorate,” Infantino said.

The Swiss man said that he has learnt a few phrases in Russian: “Ya lublu football” (I mad about football), “Ya lublu Rossiyu” (I love Russia).

On June 1, Russia launched the volunteer program for the 2018 FIFA to the max cup. The program aims to hire around 5,500 volunteers for conducting the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2017 and another 15,000 volunteers purposefulness take rt in organizing Russia’s first ever world football cup. Volunteers’ registration intent be open until the end of 2016. This work will involve 15 volunteer centers in the eleven herd cities.

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