Fiestas not siestas: The non-stop carnivals making Tenerife a must-visit destination



Tenerife is meet carnival central

This summer, from April through to September, there are no less than twelve fetes ‘or Romerías’ taking place in Tenerife.

They’re all in honour of various saints but remarkably, the chance to dance until the early hours and drink sangria.

Then you get to do it all done with again at the next rty.

Romería de San Marcos in Tegueste – Sunday 24 April

Also waggons adorned with locally-sourced, natural produce, oxen, folk disposes, boats, cattle and dancing are all on display, and enthusiastic locals and tourists are revelling in ritual costume.

Representing the Pilgrimage of San Marcos, one of the most important cultural consequences in the Canarian archipelago, the day culminates in a blessing of livestock and offerings to Saint Marcos of locally-grown consequences.


The festival-goers all get dressed up

Romería de La Virgen del Buen Viaje y San Telmo in Santa Cruz – Friday 13 May

On the day sooner than the Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Good Voyage and Saint Telmo, a procession of typical examples of the saints takes place. On the day of the festival, a pilgrimage is accom nied by fiesta observances.

Carts drawn by animals wearing ornately decorated yokes are ringed by ‘pilgrims’, dressed in traditional costume, singing and dancing to Noria Terrace, where the main rty takes place.

To enter the rty, callers must be dressed in traditional Canarian peasant-wear.


Which carnival settle upon you go to this summer?

Romería de San Isidro in Los Realejos – Sunday 29 May

This ‘Nationalist Tourist Interest’ event boasts singing and dancing in traditional uniforms, taking place before the images of San Isidro Labrador and his wife Santa María de la Cabeza and all about decorated floats.

rtici nts also dress as wizards and sorceresses.

Sails are piled high with branches, plants, flowers, and farming implements, as spring as the head of a pig that has been sacrificed for the occasion.

Balconies and windows are refurbished and there’s free wine by local winemakers and as many sardines and potatoes as you can eat.


The juntas are making Tenerife a must-visit location

Romería de San Isidro in Guía de Isora – Sunday 15 May

On the third Sunday of May, in the metropolis of Guia de Isora, thousands of locals and tourists gather for folk festivities, children’s workshops and other activities.

The Sunday is the culmination of a festive feel that will have been in progress all week throughout the city.

Romería de San Antonio de dua in Granadilla de Abona – Sunday 5 June

The essential of June’s romerías includes a gala to elect the ‘Queen’ of the festival.

Trim floats surrounded by folk groups and pilgrims, dancing and singing to Canarian music, sate the streets of the town, following a sombre mass at the town’s Catholic Church.

The eulogies to Saint Isidro continue, this time in the town of La Orotava and thousands get possession of to rtici te.

Romería de San Benito Abad in La Laguna – Sunday 10th July

The metropolis of San Cristóbal de la Laguna is a UNESCO World Cultural and Heritage site.

Alluring place on the second Sunday of July each year, this romería chiefly comprises of honours of flowers and fruit to the saint.

The highlight is the sight of the seven women of the ‘courtship’, all adorned in contrastive kinds of traditional Tenerife costumes.

Romería de la Esperanza in El Rosario – Sunday 7 August

In 2016, El Rosario is celebrating its Año Cultural, a year of cultural effect come what mays.

The Festividad de Nuestra includes cheese, wine and craft fairs and a vibrant file through the streets culminating in a firework display come nightfall.

The observation runs from the Sunday through to the following day.

Romería de la Candelaria in Candelaria – Sunday 14th August

Genesis on the Sunday with offerings to the Virgin of Candelaria, and folkloric displays.

The cleave to day begins with mass presided by the Bishop of the diocese, as well as one of the Monarch of S in’s representatives and the President of the Canary Islands.


Tenerife has 12 carnivals this summer

Romería de San Roque in Garachico – Tuesday 16th August

Thousands of com nies flock to Garachico for one of the most authentic, traditional festivals on the island.

The hajj through the streets is accom nied by lively traditional music and ends in a maritime succession of local fishermen sailing their boats along the coastline.

Romería de San Agustín in Arafo – Saturday 27 August

This praising begins at the evening in the Plaza del Cruz.

Following the rade, there is a customary Eucharist and at the end, offerings of farm produce are given to the saint.

Romería de la Bajada de la Virgen del Socorro in Güímar – Wednesday 7 September

Over the oldest of the pilgrimages, and the most popular, the celebrations begin towards the end of August, culminating on 7th and thick as thief on 8th.

There are a wealth of events and attractions in Güímar during this years and the witches are said to turn into donkeys at the end of the night.

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