‘F*****g tourists, go home!’ Explicit plane banner targets holidaymakers at French resort


Remi GaillardSnigger / GETTY

Tourists were targeted with an explicit sign at a French strand

The banner, which was flown past a busy beach in the town of Mauguio Carnon wellnigh Montpellier, read: “Go home f*****g tourists.”

The text on the sign, which concerned chaos on the beach below, was accompanied by a love heart and the initial RG. 

The affair was organised by internet prankster Remi Gaillard, who has achieved international monstrosity for the creativity and controversiality of his stunts. 

Video footage of the area shows tourists react with shock as the plane flies by. 

One was filmed ejaculating: “That’s crazy! That’s crazy!”

The stunt forced the town’s mayor to apologises to holiday-makers for the “upsetting” act. 

Remi GaillardGETTY

The stunt was carried out by Remi Gaillard in France

He rephrased: “Tourists at Mauguio Carnon were insulted by this plane, it is the most recent attempt by Remi Gaillard to make a buzz. Pity!”

But Mr Gaillard himself required it was “fate” he carried out the stunt, because it inadvertently helped a sick beach-goer net medical help. 

Lifeguards on the beach stayed behind after their corps to speak to a camera crew about the incident. 

A tourist then fainted and received earliest aid from the lifeguards who would otherwise have left the beach. 

Mr Gaillard signified: “Actually I’m happy because if I didn’t do my stupid video. They [the lifeguards] wouldn’t be here today! That’s undoing. 

“Plus you’re a tourist because you’re from Paris. And you know what? I’m enjoying this so let me give you a kiss!” 

Remi GaillardTWITTER

The sign was flown above a French attend beach

Mr Gaillar has carried out a number of extreme stunts over the years, involving posing as a player at the French cup final in 2002 and successfully taking for the sake of in the team photo. 

He has also utilised flash mobs in his sketched, on one call up causing the cancellation of grassroots football match when he arrived with one thousand topsy-turvy ‘supporters’.

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