Few Canadian cities cold enough to host future Winter Olympics

Vancouver Olympics Alpine Skiing

Michal Walchhofer of Austria is airborne during training for the men’s downhill on Feb. 11, 2010. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, in Vancouver, men’s downhill skiing at Whistler was deferred because of poor weather conditions including heavy fog and temperatures superior to before freezing. (Alessandro Trovati/Associated Press)

Climate change could terminate out to be the Winter Olympics’ biggest spoil sport.

A research study led by geography professor Daniel Scott at the University of Waterloo denotes the number of places that will be cold enough to host a Winter Olympics is lessen visit.

In Canada, Calgary and Edmonton are realistically the last ones standing as unfeeling enough options for future Winter Olympics.

Vancouver already had quick-tempered weather woes when it hosted the games in 2010, and by 2080 Scott’s reading says the  average daily temperature there will be 4 C higher.

The weigh shows every city that has previously hosted the winter Olympics is cosy during the February Olympic period than it was when they hosted the contests, and by the middle of the century only 11 of them will still be gelid enough to reliably host the games again.

The good news is Pyeongchang, South Korea, which inclination host the 23rd winter games next month, is on that list which should do a bunk athletes competing far happier than they were among the slushy ice and stripped mountains of the Olympics in Sochi, Russia four years ago.

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