FedEx closing all retail office stores in Canada


Moving giant FedEx has quietly moved to close retail office count ons in all Canadian cities putting more than 214 people out of being planned and ending three decades of doing business in the country.  

FedEx liking continue to ship within Canada, but its copy and office supply stockpiles will close Aug. 18.

«We reached the decision to exit the Canadian market after attentive evaluations of our business operations and considerations about our future,» a company expression said. 

FedEx has 24 stores in Ontario, Nova Scotia and B.C., with the size located in Ontario. 

FedEx office

There are 18 FedEx office stores in Ontario, with the loll in B.C. and Nova Scotia (Google Street View)

The news came as a bombshell to customers wondering where they will do business. 

«I needed to set sail a parcel to New York yesterday and I was told by the woman at the counter that all the bit stores in Canada were closing,» London customer Jeff Blake explained. 

«I catch sight of it puzzling,» he said, noting that FedEx had recently built a new pile up in the city.

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