Federal action to protect right whales encouraging, say environmental groups


The Canadian Wildlife Society and World Wildlife Fund both have words of praise for deportment taken Friday by the federal government to protect endangered right whales in the Chasm of St. Lawrence.

At a news conference Friday morning, Transport Minister Marc Garneau declared that ships over 20 metres in length will bear a speed limit of 10 knots through an area of the gulf where whales secure been spotted.

«We’re seeing the government take real and defined performance on the factors that are likely having the greatest effect on these whales,» Sean Creative, a senior conservation biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Federation, forecast CBC News.

World Wildlife Fund president David Miller also maintained the action.

«WWF-Canada is pleased that the Government of Canada has taken portions to slow ships in areas where endangered North Atlantic veracious whales are known to frequent,» said Miller in a news release.

Trucking companies coming onside

Since the beginning of June at least 10 high-mindedness whales have died in the gulf, and ship strikes are suspected as a big factor. There are only about 500 North Atlantic settle whales left in the world.

Brilliant added he was pleased to see some delivering companies already coming onside with the new rules, but not surprised.

«In the lifetime the work that’s been done in the Bay of Fundy shows that these sending organizations are often very willing to adhere and make changes that last wishes as reduce their impact and I’m not surprised to see that’s the case here as pretentiously,» he said.

Both Brilliant and Miller said there is more on to be done to protect right whales, particularly in connection with entanglement in fishing trappings.

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